Our pieces are clean, fresh and ready for the next party!

We’re back and ready to PARTY!!

We are so happy to be back after a forced 3 month break as the world went into lockdown. Thankfully, life is slowly returning to normal after COVID-19 and we are able to offer our slumber party services again. Life is worth celebrating, right?

Our much loved Teepee Parties and Spa Parties are in full swing, with safety measures in place to ensure food is handled correctly and hand washing is frequent. All our teepee material is thoroughly washed and sanitised after each party. Our team inspects the entrance and exit of each piece, ensuring that they will always be clean and fresh, ready for the next party.

Girl at Spa Party with balloons in background

We offer different party packages to suit your budget. You have the option to build up your party as you like, including different kinds of teepees set-ups, cakes, midnight snacks, gift bags, activities and much more.

We have a huge selection of teepee party themes to suit many ages and interests. We are happy to customise, mix and match. You can also choose your own DIY options great if you’re sticking to a tight budget or out of our party area.

Held in the comfort of your own house, and for a small number of guests, the Spa Party is unforgettable. To ensure that each little princess will enjoy a glamorous and cosy party, we offer lots of entertainment and treats.

If you have a celebration coming up, please get in touch so we can help plan your special occasion with Angel’s Teepees.

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