Making a special slumber party does not have to be hard work

6 Tips to Creating the Perfect Dreamy Slumber Party

Sometimes referred to as a Teepee Party, Pyjama party or Sleepover – Slumber parties are trending for kids from 6 to 13 years old. It is a party that will continue until the next day and it is focused only on the child and their best friends in the comfort of their home! No matter what they call it, a dreamy, pinterest-worthy slumber party is every child’s dream. Cute, delicious snacks, party games, matching PJs and of course, our gorgeous teepees are a MUST.

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Time to host the most magical and unique slumber party – EVER!


This is a must-do, before decide how many kids you will invite. We have 3 kinds of teepees to help with the space. We have Single teepees where the kids sleep alone in their own tepee or they have the option of bunking in together with double teepees. Alternatively, opt into the Canopy teepee where they all sleep in one big teepee together. Doubles and Canopies are the perfect options if you don’t have much space at home.

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Canopy Style Teepee – Pink Oasis Theme


You can choose from countless options of board games according to the ages and interests of the kids. At the beginning of the party, try some active games like the minute to win for kids. They are so fun and very easy to set up – instructions here. You can also try a sleeping bag obstacle course, truth or dare, pillow fights, Pinata or an outdoor scavenger hunt.

Craft ideas, such as making jewellery or decorating hats and t-shirts, will give the guests something to remember after the party. To relax in the evening, the kids might want to give each other makeovers, have a contest for the best pyjamas or watch a movie. So
many options! Angels Teepees also offer entertainment and hours of guaranteed fun with soccer game set ups so that kids can play at their nearest park or perhaps a spa experience for little divas that love to be pampered. For more information see our spa parties page.

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Themes brings magical notions to the party. Decide on a theme and stick to it. What does your child like to do? What are they watching at the moment?
Angels Teepees are experts at creating a dream theme come to life even if it doesn’t exist yet. We offer more than 20 themes – check out our party themes!
We love to tailor party themes for your little one and have done so for a variety of ideas and requests – all you have to do is ask! The party colours and theme should match the invites or at least the colour palette used throughout. Decide on what you want to room to look at and have some fun with it. Less is often more so small, simple but well matched colours and items will work to make the room pop and sparkle. The teepees are already a huge decoration so maybe adding some balloons and/or a themed cake and cookies for midnight snacks will be enough! Pinterest has some fantastic, DIY, out of the square ideas that can bring your party vision to life for your little price or princess.

Feel free to ask Alerissa & Kelly for their expertise on styling your ideal space – we would LOVE to help.

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Donut Wall Add-on


Yep it’s true. Even with all the trimmings like a swimming pool, trampoline, crafts, food, glitter nail painting etc — Kids sometimes like to keep it simple. Sometimes the best part of the party might be chatting with their friends, lying in their dreamy teepee setting, in cosy sleeping bags watching their favourite film or listening to some of their favourite music. Have your birthday boy or girl help you put a playlist together via Spotify, featuring their favourite tunes to play throughout the party or for when they are relaxing or winding down.

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Send out invitations two to three weeks before the party. Feel free to use our awesome FREE birthday invitation generator on our website.  Also, providing an alternative source of entertainment for younger siblings will also allow the older sibling to really enjoy the party and feel special. They could go out with a parent or invite a friend over to stay the night, and then everyone is happy!

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In the evening, serve fun snacks such as cut-out cookies, drinks with silly straws and popcorn with a range of toppings, such as cinnamon, cheese, salt and chocolate. For dinner some easy and successful options might include: Rounds of pizza, hot-dogs, spaghetti bolognese or sushi. Guests might enjoy bagel halves decorated as funny faces. Use chives or salmon strips for hair, olives for eyes, red peppers or halved cherry tomatoes for the mouth and baby carrots for the nose.

For Breakfast there is no need to buy lots of food or prepare a big table because when the kids wake up the next day they are so excited that they don’t want to eat much – they just want to continue playing!!! Plus they love to eat using our breakfast trays to enjoy these moments together. We suggest you buy what your child likes plus few extra options to offer the kids and then be the waitress for them letting them to choose from your menu. Possibilities for breakfast in the morning include: fruits, chocolate milk, juice , yogurt, cereals, muffins, sandwiches, toast with jam, waffles or pancakes in shapes, accompanied by fruit, syrup, cream and nuts. Yummy!

Again, Pinterest has so many items to help spark your creativity and deliver yummy treats that look pretty but are also fun and healthy for the little ones.

Making a special slumber party does not have to be hard work. The tips above are to help you consider everything you need to do before the special day. Angels Teepees are here to help you transform your space into a magical dreamland fit for a memorable birthday party for boys and girls alike.

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