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Angel’s Teepees – Listed in The Best Teepee Slumber Party List, Sydney!

We are so excited to have been featured on the parenting website Ella’s List as one of the best Teepee Slumber Party hosts in Sydney! Take a look!

Sleepovers and slumber parties are a time-honoured bonding activity that kids adore the world over. The late bedtime! The midnight feasts! The waking up together and continuing the festivities!

The simplicity of a slumber party is pretty hard to beat—and luckily for you, there is a range of Sydney-based companies that do all of the hard work for you, meaning you don’t have to lift a finger. The set-up, styling, decorating, and the next day picks up are all covered; meaning all that’s left to do is make some seriously fun memories that will last the year and beyond.

Here are the best slumber parties in Sydney:

Best \Teepee Slumber Parties in Sydney - Angels Teepees

1. Angel’s Teepees

Offering a unique, magical and all-around unforgettable party for your child, Angel’s Teepees aim to bring back the beauty, simplicity and happiness of a classic party—and take the stress out of organising it for the parents!

The slumber party concept centres around the teepees; which provide a playful, comfortable, creative, cute and fun space for the little ones to imagine and play. Angel’s Teepees offer different party packages to suit your budget—giving you the option to build your party as you like; including a party planner, different kinds of teepees setups, cakes, midnight snacks, gift bags, activities, party helpers and much more.

With themes ranging from Star Wars, Minecraft, and Safari to Magic Unicorn, Rag Dolls and Boho Chic, there’s a party to suit every child at Angel’s Teepees!

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