Angel’s Teepees Spa and Slumber Parties is owned by two mums; Alerissa and Kelly, who have a passion in common: making kids’ parties an unforgettable experience!


KELLY DANIS – Co-Founder

How it all began

It all started when my five year old daughter and my seven year old son asked me if they could do a sleep over at their friends’ house. “Mum we are big kids now so we can do a sleep over, right?” At that moment, I had the idea to plan a sleep over party for their birthdays in the comfort of my home while giving them the chance to be independent, sharing and bonding with their friends.

To help me out with this new idea I called my long time friend, Kelly who is a specialist in kids’ parties. Like me, she loves to transform her kids’ birthdays into unforgettable and fun moments. Together we had so much fun researching everything about the teepees, decorations and what activities we could do with the kids, our first party was a big hit.

The kids had so much fun that we started getting friends with similar age children asking us to help them to organise their kids’ sleepover parties . Then we created Angel’s Teepees to continue doing what we love and make other kids happy by providing them with this unique and magical experience.


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